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The Mozambican Ministry of Health’s Health Promotion Department, DEPROS (Departamento de Promoção da Saúde) has requested DMI’s support in strengthening their internal capacity to deliver impactful health campaigns that effectively change behaviours.

We designed and delivered a capacity strengthening programme that focuses on transferring the skills and techniques that are needed to develop effective social behaviour change (SBC) campaigns. This training will improve the quality of DEPROS health promotion content and will equip their staff to implement highly effective SBC campaigns in the future.




Capacity strengthening – improving the internal capacity of DEPROS to deliver effective SBC campaigns


1 x Review of the current DEPROS systems

7 x Training modules

7 x Training Workshops


January 2023 – November 2023

Estimated reach

15 – 25 DEPROS staff, who have the potential to reach approximately 20 million peopleroughly 62% of the population of Mozambique.

Our Approach


Integrating robust SBC techniques

DMI has a close working relationship with DEPROS, having collaborated on many health related projects in Mozambique.

At the start of this project, we conducted a comprehensive capacity assessment of the current skills, practices, and systems within DEPROS in order to identify any gaps and key areas for improvement. Our assessment highlighted the need to deliver tailored training to staff on how to integrate robust, evidence-based SBC approaches into their work.


Delivering a bespoke training programme

Following our capacity assessment, we designed a tailored programme training participants in key skills and methodologies to develop effective SBC campaigns. Our training programme was delivered through a series of modules, each containing guidance on a specific aspect of SBC campaigns, as well as a practical exercise for DEPROS staff to engage in.  

We also integrated fieldwork exercises into our training programme, conducting field trips for DEPROS staff to conduct focus group discussions with communities in Manhiça district. Participants found these exercises valuable, and for many it was their first time conducting such interviews.  


A path to sustainability

This capacity strengthening campaign was not designed to reach communities in the same way as our traditional media campaigns. However, DEPROS is responsible for all SBC work carried out by the Mozambican Ministry of Health, including media campaigns which have the potential to reach approximately 20 million people in Mozambique, roughly 62% of the population. By training DEPROS staff in the skills and techniques essential for the delivery of effective SBC campaigns, we are investing in ongoing health communications beyond the lifecycle of DMI projects.  

Partners & Funders

We would like to thank Unorthodox Philanthropy for supporting this project.

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