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The Institute of Social Communications (ICS) is a public institution with a network of over 80 community radio stations across Mozambique. Its aim is to promote a better quality of life for rural communities through information and education programmes.  

Following discussions with UNICEF, DMI was requested to deliver a capacity strengthening project to strengthen the social behaviour change (SBC) skills of ICS staff in Zambezia province. We designed and delivered a training programme which employed a combination of workshop training, site visits, self-directed learning, and remote supervision.  




Capacity strengthening – training for ICS radio stations to improve capacity to produce and broadcast evidence-based radio programmes and outputs 


1 x baseline assessment 

3 x training workshops 

3 x support visits 

Ongoing remote support 

1 x endline assessment 


November 2022 – November 2023

Estimated reach

15 ICS stations, who reach almost 2 million listeners in Zambezia Province

Our Approach


Embedding evidence-based approaches

ICS stations are valuable resources with impressive reach and a deep understanding of their communities. To enhance these resources, we delivered training which integrated our proven methodologies, equipping ICS staff with the knowledge and skills to embed the same evidence-based methodology and SBC best practices in their own work. Doing so will ensure the quality and robustness of future outputs from ICS radio stations.  


Developing a tailored curriculum

At the start of the project, DMI conducted a capacity assessment of current practices and SBC materials at ICS Zambezia stations, including interviews with staff members. The purpose of this assessment was to better understand how ICS radio stations plan and implement their radio programmes.

  1. Understanding SBC campaigns
  2. Production of content
  3. Radio broadcasting
  4. Gathering audience feedback
  5. Evaluating the impact of multimedia mobile units
  6. ICS coordination


Sustaining impact beyond the project lifecycle

One of two new capacity strengthening projects delivered by DMI in Mozambique, Fortalecer is an example of our commitment to sustaining impact beyond the life of our campaigns.  

While this specific training programme itself isn’t intended to reach a wide audience, the participating 15 ICS stations reach almost 2 million people, roughly 37% of the population in Zambezia. With improved SBC capacity, the ICS stations will be equipped to broadcast evidence-based health messaging that will lead to a sustained positive impact on important social and health issues.  

Partners & Funders

We are grateful to UNICEF for supporting this project.