Radio plays a critical role in communities across the world. For many people, radio is the primary source of information and entertainment, making it a crucial medium for delivering social and behaviour change messages. In Burkina Faso, we’ve made it a priority to establish strong partnerships with radio stations to deliver long term, impactful campaigns.

For over a decade, DMI has been committed to improving health outcomes through social and behaviour change communication in Burkina Faso. In the process, we’ve developed relationships with more than 40 radio stations and invested in their sustainability.

Since 2012, we have provided support to our partner radio stations to ensure the maintenance of technical equipment, software, and staff, contributing to their longevity and ability to deliver our campaign messages to even the most remote areas of the country.

Last year, we were asked for financial support to help replace the transmission equipment at Poura radio station, which was destroyed by lightning. As one of the two surviving radio stations created during President Sankara’s revolution to broadcast revolutionary messages, Poura is a renowned and well-respected radio station in the region. DMI’s relationship with Poura dates back to 2011 when the station began broadcasting messaging during our child survival randomised controlled trial.

Due to instability in the region, there were delays in installing this new equipment, so we’re thrilled to announce that the repair work is now complete and Poura are able to benefit from the new hardware. We’re proud to support Poura and other radio stations like it, as we recognise their importance in delivering our campaign messages at scale.

As we celebrate 10 years in Burkina Faso and look back on a decade of successful campaigns, we know that our partnerships with radio stations have been critical to our success. We look forward to continuing to invest in the sustainability of these stations and continuing to deliver life-changing campaigns to those who need them most.