DMI has been named in the G20 Health & Development Partnership’s (GHDP) 2019 report outlining recommendations to G20 heads of government and finance and health ministers to adopt more cross-sectional approaches towards global public health engagement. One of the six recommendations by the report emphasises the need to scope the health technology horizon for gaps that need to be filled in order to lessen inequalities in health and to fulfil SDG3 commitments. In light of this, DMI’s vision and methodology, and in particular the results of our child and maternal health RCT were published in the report to showcase DMI’s evidence-based approach as a means of reaching the global goal of increased health security.

The G20 Health and Development Partnership – representing a coalition of 21 leading global organisations and more than 1000 collaborators – will launch in UK parliament today, 5th March 2019, urging G20 heads of government and finance ministers to join health ministers in addressing the growing disease burden before it is too late. Coming from an understanding that global health is an issue intimately linked to politics, development and economic growth, the report calls for sustaining and increasing innovation at the intersection of these fields. DMI is thus very honoured to be recognised by and be part of such a powerful coalition of organisations sharing a vision of more holistic global and national public health strategies towards a healthier, wealthier world.

The partnership is presenting the report to the heads of government and finance and health ministers in advance of the joint G20 health and finance ministers meeting in Japan this June.

You can access the report in full here.