The World Food Programme is funding DMI to run a capacity strengthening project in Manica province of Mozambique, which will help community radio stations to design and run behaviour change campaigns to improve outcomes related to nutrition. ​

During the project, which is scheduled to begin in summer 2016, DMI will work with seven community radio stations in Manica Province to help them to run a radio campaign focused on maternal care and nutrition, malaria prevention, infant and young child feeding and hygiene and sanitation, over two years, including 12 months of broadcasting on all seven radio stations.

The project approach is to build capacity through ‘learning by doing’; rather than simply running training workshops, DMI’s media and behaviour change experts will work directly with staff from all seven radio stations to write scripts, pre-test spots with target audience members, produce spots in local languages, and broadcast the spots on a daily basis. The primary indicator of success will be an increase in the radio stations’ capacity to design, produce and broadcast a radio behaviour change campaign, rather than an increase in knowledge and behaviours among the target audience.

This project is part of a WFP Social Behaviour Change Communication project aimed at improving community health and nutrition for women and children in particular.