None of our achievements would be possible without the endorsers, funders, and partners who support and challenge us.


Our Endorsers

We are grateful to these charity evaluators for recognising our work for its impact and cost-effectiveness.

The Life You Can Save places DMI on their list of ‘best charities’, a list of highly effective organisations drawn up by a panel of experts.

ImpactMatters (now part of Charity Navigator) awarded DMI the highest ratings across-the-board in Impact and Cost, Quality of Evidence, Quality of Monitoring Systems, and Learning and Iteration.

Giving What We Can is an organisation that helps individuals maximise their charitable impact by supporting and recommending high-impact organisations like ours. Donations are tax-deductible for taxpayers in the UK, USA, and Netherlands.


Our Partners & Funders

We build strong, lasting relationships with governments, highly effective NGOs, broadcasters, academics and directors to maximise and accelerate the impact of our work. And none of our achievements would be possible without the generous support of our funders.

Contact for partnership enquiries.