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Saving Lives.

We create evidence-based behaviour change campaigns that improve health and save lives.

Create, Test, Scale.

We create radio, TV and mobile video campaigns.

We test the impact of our campaigns using the most rigorous scientific methods.

If they are high-impact, we take them to scale, reaching many millions of people.

What We Do
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Impact at Scale

Mass media reaches millions of people and can stimulate significant shifts in behaviour when the right messages reach the right people.

We have conducted the first randomised controlled trials (RCTs) to prove that mass media campaigns can change behaviours and improve health. Results from our first RCT show that our radio campaign increased malaria diagnoses by 56% and modelling suggests it saved an estimated 3,000 lives in Burkina Faso.

We are committed to using the most rigorous methodologies feasible to continue to achieve and demonstrate our impact at scale.

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Our Impact


Annual Report 2022-2023

Our endorsers

We are endorsed and recommended by independent evaluators on the basis of our evidence of impact and cost-effectiveness.

Who we work with
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