What we do

We design, run and evaluate evidence-based media campaigns to change behaviours in developing countries. 


The main issues that we focus on are health and education. Within health, we have a strong focus on maternal and child survival (including nutrition, hygiene and sanitation) and family planning. We have also worked on other health issues, including neglected tropical diseases, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Within education, we work on early childhood development. We are also exploring other areas, including gender equality, agriculture and livelihoods. 



Our objective is behaviour change. In recent years, the vast majority of aid money has been spent on improving the 'supply side' (doctors, hospitals, teachers, schools). All of this is absolutely necessary, but in many countries this investment has been at the expense of something equally important: creating demand (empowering communities with knowledge and encouraging positive behaviours). We run media campaigns that give people information, but also convince them to change their behaviours, overcoming the practical and cultural barriers in their way.



Our preferred channels are radio, television and mobile phones. We use these media to reach our target audience, rather than print media, social media or community-level approaches (such as street theatre), because they enable us to reach the largest possible number of people within that target audience at the lowest cost. In some countries, we might work exclusively with radio, while in others television is sufficiently popular to be an additional channel. The increasing popularity, availability and affordability of mobile phones offers new opportunities for us to integrate 'top-down' mass media approaches with campaigns that are more personalised and interactive.



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