What we do

We design, implement and evaluate research studies and scale-focused media campaigns, including multi-country campaigns. We also help other organisations to replicate our approach by providing advisory and consulting services.

Our core approach is using mass media (radio, television and mobile phones) to change behaviours in developing countries, with a particular focus on health and education (although we are also exploring other impact areas).

We design and run large-scale research studies to generate evidence that mass media campaigns can change behaviours in developing countries.

We also design, run and evaluate media campaigns at scale. In general, we run campaigns in a single country, in line with our Saturation+ approach. However, we have also developed a lightweight approach to running campaigns in multiple countries, if necessary at speed (for example, in response to health emergencies such as disease outbreaks).

We also help other organisations to design, run and evaluate media campaigns by providing them with advisory and consulting services



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