What we do

We design and deliver radio and TV campaigns that save lives in developing countries by encouraging people to adopt healthier behaviours for themselves and their families.

Our approach to changing behaviours using mass media

Our campaigns are carefully designed to achieve impact, using our Saturation+ approach:

  • Saturation: broadcasting at high intensity, on popular stations, in local languages.
  • Science: using modelling to maximise our health impact, and measuring impact robustly.
  • Stories: a creative process informed by research that develops entertaining, persuasive, targeted content.

We have developed an increasingly robust approach to measuring the impacts of previous campaigns. We have developed a particular expertise in being able to measure the health impacts of our media campaigns, in addition to the behaviour change outcomes. We have worked with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine to develop a mathematical model, based on wide-ranging and robust evidence, which predicts that we can save one million lives by running campaigns in 10 countries over several years.

We are running a cluster-randomised controlled trial in Burkina Faso to prove that we can save lives to the extent predicted by our model. If we are able to demonstrate this, our analysis suggests that mass media campaigns are among the most cost-effective ways of saving lives currently available.

We are currently designing health behaviour change campaigns in a range of African countries, and are looking for partners and funders for these projects through our Media Million Lives initiative.

"A scientist who is also a human being cannot rest while knowledge which might reduce suffering rests on the shelf." Albert Sabin



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Film: Changing behaviours

Everything that DMI does is based on changing behaviours. To do this, we combine field research (to understand how people think) with creative techniques (to manipulate their emotions). This film shows that process at work in Burkina Faso.


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