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23 Apr 2014

The preliminary midline results for our Burkina Faso RCT provide an indication of the extent to which we have changed our target behaviours after 18 months of broadcasting.

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27 Jan 2014

We present more findings informed by the ongoing qualitative research of our scientific trial in Burkina Faso.

In the last quarter of 2013, the research team carried out four pretesting trips and two feedback visits. Pretesting covered hygiene, respiratory infections, exclusive breastfeeding and colostrum, and malaria, with Nuni and Mooré...

10 Jan 2014

DMI has produced 6 short films describing our approach: our objectives, how we change behaviours, the science, our radio partnerships and our scriptwriting team.

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18 Nov 2013

Our funders, the Wellcome Trust, visited our radio-based scientific trial in Burkina Faso recently.

To read about their trip, see their blog post.

30 Oct 2013

We present more findings informed by the ongoing qualitative research of our scientific trial in Burkina Faso.

This quarter, the research team completed a synthesis report on their feedback trips in all seven intervention zones, conducted between February and July 2013. This synthesis provides us with a qualitative review of...

09 Oct 2013

Giving What We Can is an influential UK-based organisation that preaches the virtues of 'effective altruism', helping charitable donors to spend their money wisely by supporting the most cost-effective causes.

This focus means that they often prioritise health interventions in the developing world, and that they are extremely interested in robust measurement of impact.

30 Sep 2013

Earlier this month a report was launched called “Committing to child survival: a promise renewed 2013”, compiled by Unicef, the World Health Organisation and the World Bank Group.  The report revealed that despite rapid progress in reducing child deaths since 1990, the world is still failing to renew the promise of survival for its most vulnerable citizens.

However there are...

23 Jul 2013

DMI is launching Media Million Lives, an ambitious initiative to create integrated radio, TV and mobile phone campaigns that will promote key maternal and child health behaviours in ten African countries for five years each, with the objective of saving a million lives.

We are currently seeking partners to help us to scale up our programme globally in order to reach this target, and we welcome conversations with national...

18 Jul 2013

On 5th July,  DMI's office in Ouagadougou were delighted to receive a visit from the newly appointed Minister of Health for Burkina Faso, Mr Léné Sebgo.  He was accompanied by Dr Bocar Kouyate and Souleymane Néré, the minister's cabinet director.  Minister Sebgo's response to a presentation of DMI's campaign was enthusiastic and encouraging.  He hoped that DMI's randomised controlled trial will lead to a national campaign to change the...

08 Jul 2013

We present more findings informed by the ongoing qualitative research of our scientific trial in Burkina Faso. This quarter, our research team has been very busy. We continued with feedback research in Solenzo, Kantchari, Banfora, Bogandé and Ouahigouya, completing our feedback tour of all regions. We made an intense effort to complete this feedback tour by the end of...

03 Jun 2013

USAID is leading a series of evidence summits focused on important development challenges.  The aim of these summits is to provide evidence-based expert recommendations on how to achieve some of the world's most difficult development goals, for example, reducing maternal mortality, caring for children living outside families or supporting community health workers.  

On the 3-4th June in Washington was the...

15 May 2013

We are conducting a cluster-randomised trial to test the impact of a radio campaign and the predictions of our model, in Burkina Faso, West Africa in partnership with LSHTM. The only way to prove conclusively that we (and we alone) are having the impact on child mortality that we claim is to conduct a ...

01 May 2013

We present more findings informed by ongoing qualitative research of our scientific trial in Burkina Faso.

Acute respiratory infections

In January our research team spoke to focus groups in Bogandé, to understand awareness, attitudes and behaviours in relation to acute respiratory infections. We found that most villagers can list multiple danger signs, with rapid and...

22 Apr 2013

Last week DMI attended the inaugural Global Newborn Health Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. The event was held to map out a way forward for scaling up high-impact interventions to address the three leading causes of newborn mortality: prematurity, birth asphyxia and infections. It also launched a public consultation on the development of the...

25 Feb 2013

Our scientific trial in Burkina Faso is still in full flow.  We continued to test new spots with members of our target audience. Recently we have tested spots on acute respiratory infections, complementary feeding, malaria, and diarrhoea. Most people understand the basic behavioural message and find them entertaining. The most popular spots are those that captivate people’s attention,...