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DMI regularly advertises paid positions, mostly in developing countries to work on media campaigns, and occasionally for roles in its London HQ. 

Current positions

London office

Finance Manager


No vacancies


Future positions

In the next two years DMI expects to start campaigns in several new countries. A key factor in our success so far has been the ability to produce groundbreaking creative output in the countries we operate in that stands out from other mass media content in terms of quality, originality and audience response. We are therefore recruiting candidates now in order to develop a 'roster' of qualified creative staff for these campaigns. We are advertising three positions:

Country Director (TV or Radio Producer): 12 to 36 months

Radio Producer: 1 to 6 months

TV Director: 1 to 6 months


Film: Recruiting staff in Burkina Faso

DMI has a unique way of recruiting creative staff in-country. Rather than selecting people based on education or experience, we invited 600 people with no experience at all to write a script...


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